Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Jack Blank Adventure #2: The Secret War by Matt Myklusch

The Secret War (Jack Blank Adventure, #2)My name is Jack, and a sleeper agent has announced the Rustov are planning another attack on Imagine Nation in five days. He also mentioned a conspiracy leads all the way to the Inner Circle, but which leader could possibly be involved? The truth about a spyware virus infecting the Mechas has come out even though I haven't completed my secret project to create a cure-code. The virus would allow the Rustov to take control of the androids and use them as tools or weapons. It's hard trying to prevent the invasion, while Smart continues to attack me with accusations that I'm helping the Rustov. He also keeps saying he's going to unveil the SmarterNet to stop them, but people should be concerned when Smart is this excited about anything. He says he's the smartest man on Earth, but sometimes he's really stupid.

You should read The Accidental Hero first. This book continued Smart's efforts to prove Jack was a Rustov spy, and the complications it created for Jack. Some of the accusations were true, and Jack wasn't sure if he might be forced to assist the enemy. Having the virus speak inside his head only added to the conflict, as it seemed to reinforce a possible loss of control. An unexpected twist regarding his virus popped up near the end. Jack's character fell into the common hero problem of trying to cover up problematic secrets only to create bigger problems along the way. He even admitted during the resolution that all of the conflicts and difficulties in the plot might have been avoided if he had told the truth in the beginning. However, it would have created a boring story! This book added a couple more students to the plot, and Jack was finally able to work with a team. This cooperation was very shaky due to Jack's decisions and added to the suspense of the whole book. Jack's alliances seemed to come and go like a yo-yo. There was an anticipation that everything was going to fall apart at some point, probably at the worst possible time. On a pleasant note, a surprise character joined the fray during the book's climax. I'm looking forward to reading the last book in the trilogy, The End of Infinity

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