Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dragon's Egg by Sarah L. Thompson

Dragon's EggMy name is Mella, and I have the rare ability to care for our Inn's herd of domestic dragons. There are rumors of wild dragons roaming the forest, but no one had actually seen one... until I came across a black egg left in a cave. Unfortunately, my discovery led to a dragon's death, and I've promised to guard the egg and return it to the land of the dragons. Thankfully, Roger, the dragonslayer's apprentice, has offered to accompany me, since I've never been this far into the forest. We must trek into the mountains,find an opening near a huge waterfall, and the Hatching Ground will be found between the Fangs. Everything had been going fairly well until we were captured and tied up by a nasty man named Damien. It seems Roger has failed to tell me about an important secret from his past.

The plot moved along quickly with moments of suspense caused by Damien and the dragons. Mella was an admirable character, as she was determined to honor her promise to a dying dragon. Honor was very important to Mella and Roger, and it was a big factor in the resolution of the conflict. Mella constantly cared for the egg and was concerned when she thought it might cool. She was willing to protect it with her life. On the other hand, she felt guilty for leaving her herd of dragons behind at the Inn; her absence would upset them greatly. Roger's character was a paradox. He was apprenticed to a Defender, guardians against wild dragons, yet he offered all of his support to aid Mella in her quest to save the dragon egg. The problems created by Roger's secret lingered throughout the whole story, and it was clear the secret would need to be addressed by the end. I could have seen this book being written as a more detailed adventure for older readers, but it worked well for an upper elementary audience. Overall, it was an entertaining book that most young readers will enjoy.

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