Sunday, August 13, 2017

Wandmaker #1 by Ed Masessa

Wandmaker (Wandmaker #1)My name is Henry, and Coralis says it should take years of apprenticeship to screw up as badly as I've done. You've heard of the power of seventh sons, right? Well, my mother and father are sevenths, so Coralis say that gives me extra special powers. I've accidentally changed my annoying sister Brianna into a blue hedgehog, left a gold nugget absorbing negative energy in my house, and captured evil moonbeams in my aura. My parents seemed to be having a fight before abandoning us, and I'm starting to wonder if my father is evil. Now, Coralis is the greatest Wand Maker in the world, and he says he needs my help. We've traveled to land of my ancestors where we've discovered a plot to spread evil across the earth, with catastrophic results.

As you can tell, this is another book with a young hero discovering new powers. Similar to the Harry Potter books and the Magisterium series, we have a protagonist with evil inside that may arise in the future. It leaves a lingering problem that could explode at any time. Henry was ready to believe in his magical ability, although I'm not sure why his little sister wasn't more upset about becoming a hedgehog. She easily transformed into his sidekick. I found it interesting how the characters used different wands for different purposes, since I'm used to a wizard owning one, special wand. Some wands were disposable and could only be used once. The author also slipped in moments of humor to enhance the action. Henry's sister became a blue hedgehog, Coralis was annoyed with modern society, and the two main antagonists had issues with each other and the call of Mother Nature (if you know what I mean). I don't feel like this book is a must-read, but it's entertaining. 

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