Thursday, August 10, 2017

Darkmouth #3: Chaos Descends by Shane Hegarty

Darkmouth #3: Chaos DescendsMy name is Gerald the Disappointed, and I've been brought back, after being dessicated years ago, to save Darkmouth. The current group of Legend Hunters is pathetic and inept, although I'm slowly beginning to think my grandson and great-grandson might have potential. Hugo and Finn had already Trapped Mr. Glad, but it seems the man now has the power to open a portal to the Infested Side. His abilities give the Fomorian army a huge advantage, as the open portal will allow them to pour into our world. That's why I've been brought back from dessication. However, I can only return once, and I will die in a few hours. I've been told Finn survived a battle on the Infested Side, and he's showing more courage and brains than I expected. I'm a skilled Legend Hunter; I just hope Finn and his father are up for the challenge.

I wasn't sure about this series when I started the first book, but it's growing in me. Finn is once again the main protagonist, but he still doubts himself. He now sees himself as a Legend Hunter, which is a huge development. I enjoy his banter with Emmie, and she keeps him balanced. Gerald is a new, fun character, as he has high standards for Finn and his father. Finn is kind of used to it, but Gerald's comments get under Finn's father's skin. The anticipation of Mr. Glad's arrival takes up most of the plot, and it builds to a major battle between the Legends and Legend Hunters. Finn is the hero once again, but the author leaves a huge surprise for the resolution. I was expecting something from Lucien, a disgruntled employee from the Legend Hunters headquarters, but I was not expecting what he was able to pull off. It will have a huge impact on the next book. You'll enjoy this book if you like monsters and monster hunting. However, read the other books first!

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