Saturday, August 5, 2017

Magisterium #3: The Bronze Key by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

The Bronze Key (Magisterium,  #3)My name is Call, and there is a spy at the Magisterium who is trying to kill me. Only my close friends know the soul of the Enemy of Death is inside me, and I keep hoping it won't make me evil. My friend Aaron and I are the only Makaris (we have the ability to control chaos magic) and maybe that's why someone wants me dead. Aaron thinks the spy might be a friend of mine, and there is a rumor going around the school that Aaron himself is that person. A fire elemental says the most powerful Makar is behind recent deaths, so that must mean it's Aaron, right? Is there a secret Makar we don't know about? We also discovered suspicious evidence of Anastasia Tarquin's interest in the Enemy of Death. What does it all mean?

It's been a couple years since I read book 2, The Copper Gauntlet, and you will need to read the other books. This series has many similarities to the Harry Potter books, but it's not nearly as long. You have the three close friends, the main character has a connection to a seriously evil character, and the setting is in a school for magic. In contrast, Call is constantly worried about becoming evil, the mages perform elemental magic, Call has a lovable, chaos-filled wolf named Havoc, and the Magisterium is located in caves. An interesting twist to this book is the identify of the spy. Aaron is a best friend of Call, but Call goes back and forth with considering the possibility that Aaron is the one trying to kill him. In addition, the authors introduce adolescent love to Call, but he is insecure and doesn't know what to do. The girl expresses interest but ends up with someone else when Call hesitates. The plot isn't action-packed, but it has plenty of mystery and suspense with the unknown assassin and the attempts on Call's life. The book includes a couple of huge surprises during the climax and resolution. I'm enjoying the series as it unfolds.

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