Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Land of Stories #6: Worlds Collide by Chris Colfer

Worlds Collide (The Land of Stories #6)My name is Connor, and a portal between the fairy tale world and the Otherworld is about to be opened forever. Unfortunately, my twin sister Alex, a powerful fairy, is being controlled by Morina and other witches, and they're making her do terrible things. Their armies of magical creatures are about to invade New York City, and I don't know if they can be stopped by the Otherworld forces. The Fairy Council has been turned to stone, and all of my allies are scattered throughout the worlds. I hope the armies from my own stories will be able to defeat the witches, but they may be unstoppable with the help of Alex's powers. Alex left a message in my dreams, and she's asked me to kill her before she hurts anyone. I don't want to kill my sister, but there may be no other way to stop her.

You really need to read the rest of the series before reading the finale. The fact that Alex is helping the antagonists in this book is a dramatic twist to the plot and makes the conflict more dramatic. This is the first edition in the series where the setting takes place mostly in the real world. It's a bit strange to see the fantasy characters moving through New York's landmarks and see the United States Marines fighting the witches and their soldiers. As in many books, the bad guys, or gals, seem invincible and have removed their most powerful obstacles. Connor takes the lead in opposing the witches, although other characters take leadership roles too. King Arthur, Froggy, and Mother Goose are in charge of the efforts at different times in the book. The cast of characters can get overwhelming at times with Goldilocks, Captain Hook, Flying Monkeys, Gingerbread soldiers, and dozens of others. The series includes all of the most well-known fairy tale characters. Even Goldilocks and Jack's baby Hero becomes an important part of the story. The overall series is written by Chris Colfer, the Golden Globe-winning actor and best-selling author, and has been very entertaining. Lovers of fantasy and fairy tales won't be disappointed.

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