Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Keepers Trilogy #3: Path of Beasts by Lian Tanner

Path of Beasts (The Keepers, #3)My name is Goldie, and we must stop the Fugleman and his terrifying control of Jewel. Toadspit and I were able to create problems between the Fugleman's Guardians and his mercenaries by stealing the mercenaries' payments, but the Fugleman has imprisoned more children in retaliation. We created the Hidden Rock to start a rebellion, and some parents are finally willing to do something more than cry and moan about their lost children. However, the spirit of an ancient warrior princess buried within me is trying to take control of my thoughts. She gives me useful ideas to fight the Fugleman, but she wants to erupt into a fury of rage and killing. I was barely able to stop myself from slaying my best friend. All of this turmoil is causing the pressure in the museum to reach a boiling point. If we can't stop the Fugleman, the museum will release the vicious armies and plagued rats hidden within its walls, and they will kill everyone in Jewel before they are done.

This book is the conclusion of a trilogy, and you need to read the other two books first. The ongoing conflict is the Fugleman's drive for power and his use of children as pawns. The trilogy began with all children being chained to their parents until the Separation, but they're now being sold to slavers. While Goldie leads the rebellion, she is keeping her internal battle with the spirit of the warrior princess a secret. She's afraid her friends will think she's lost control even though she is very close to that point. The plot contains plenty of action and suspense, as Goldie and Toadspit face the Fugleman, mercenaries, and slavers. Their plan to cause a rift between the Fugleman and his mercenaries is ongoing and successful, and I enjoyed their trickery. However, the Fugleman becomes more ruthless in response, and the head mercenary accuses him of having no honor. While the trilogy may not be for everyone, I found it very entertaining.

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