Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Quinnie Boyd Mystery: Vampires on the Run by C.M. Surrisi

Vampires on the RunMy name is Quinnie, and there are vampires living in my best friend's house! They are Ella's famous aunt and uncle, but I need to tell her what I've noticed. Her aunt is pale and sickly, won't come out in the sunshine, insists that all the mirror's in the house be covered, walks the beach at night, and looks healthier the day after a cat was killed. Ella probably won't believe me, but what if her life is in danger? Dominic and I have also noticed the fishermen from Ohio snooping around Ella's house. What's that about? Are they vampire hunters or paparazzi, because they sure aren't fishermen? My mom is the sheriff in this Maine town (and mayor, and real estate agent, and mail carrier...), but I'm not sure if she can help. Things seem to be getting more serious, so I'm going to need to do something soon.

This book is a nice introduction for young readers interested in vampire stories, but more mature readers won't care for it as much. You should expect to read this book as a mystery, not a vampire story. The whole plot read like a mystery, as Quinnie and friends tried to discover what was going on. All of the evidence could be viewed from different angles, so readers are never quite sure of the truth until the end. I enjoyed the small-town feel of the story, as most of the action occurred around two homes and the local restaurant, all located along a beach. Quinnie was a caring young girl with a vivid imagination, but she wasn't an impulsive character, mostly. She enlisted the help of friends, and it was cool how quickly Dominic was accepted. Overall, this story is a fun mystery involving world-famous authors of vampire books.

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