Saturday, November 26, 2016

Spooksville #1: The Secret Path by Christopher Pike

The Secret Path (Spooksville, #1)My name is Adam, and Sally may be the craziest girl I've ever met. She says monsters and witches exist, and people frequently disappear around here. She says Ann Templeton is an evil witch, but I don't think she's that evil. Another new friend, Watch, is showing me the Secret Path which supposedly leads to other dimensions of Spooksville. The path follows the life of the original witch of the town, and maybe we'll find some of the lost kids at the end. However, there's also a possibility we'll become victims ourselves. There's more than one witch in our futures.

This book is a quick read, as are the following books in the series. The simplicity of the mysteries and the interactions of the characters make this book enjoyable. Sally's character is my favorite. She seems to be in love with Adam as soon as they meet, but she frequently preaches about evil and doom. Adam isn't sure how to react. The path provides elements of danger and suspense, but Sally's reactions to them are most entertaining. She talks big, but she's reluctant to face danger. Until she needs to. She constantly rags on Adam about his lack of knowledge and risky choices, but then she shows how much she likes him. Overall, this book should entertain lovers of ghosts and mysteries.

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