Friday, November 25, 2016

Spooksville #2: The Howling Ghost by Christopher Pike

The Howling Ghost (Spooksville, #2)My name is Sally, and I live in the scariest town in the world. Of course, Adam doesn't believe me, but he's learning. I read about a girl losing her little brother out by the old lighthouse, and I told Adam and Watch that we should help find him. The police don't believe her story about a beam of light coming from the lighthouse and a howling ghost grabbing her brother. I know she's telling the truth. I convinced the boys to help me investigate, but I didn't expect Adam to risk his life in shark-infested waters or climbing the abandoned lighthouse. Of course, I was right in the end, and it was my idea that rescued the little boy.

You don't need to read the first book in the series to enjoy this one. I enjoyed this book a bit more, because it focused on one clearly-defined problem. A little boy is missing, and the kids work to solve his mystery. Book one had the kids traveling to an alternate dimension, whereas they use their knowledge and resources to solve the problem in this one. The first book showed Sally's loving feelings for Adam, and she becomes a bit jealous in this book when he shows kindness for Cindy, the sister of the little boy. Once again, Adam doesn't know what to think. The books in this series are easy to read, and they present mystery and adventure for readers. I recommend them for light-hearted mystery lovers.

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