Thursday, December 15, 2016

Michael Vey #6: Fall of Hades by Richard Paul Evans

Fall of Hades (Michael Vey, #6)My name is Michael Vey, and I founded the Electroclan. My friends and I have unique electrical powers, but I'm not sure they'll help us escape from Hatch. The man wants to control all the power in the world, and he's close to doing it. We've discovered Hatch intends to kill several "electrics" in his prison, and we've been contacted by Welch, the former leader of Hatch's forces and another person he plans to kill. Hatch put a million dollar bounty on Welch, so now Welch wants our help. My small group plans to rescue the imprisoned electrics, steal Hatch's command ship, and end his plans to control the world. There are problems. My electrical powers are growing, but I'm having trouble controlling them. My group of a dozen must battle Hatch's group of thousands. And, I suspect there's a "friend" who plans to sell us out.

You need to read the previous books in the series to fully understand what's going on. This book focuses on uniting former enemies to fight against Hatch. Hatch has a habit of imprisoning or killing characters who disappoint him. Welch was a ruthless enemy, so some members of the Electroclan are reluctant to trust him. The imprisoned electrics used to fight for Hatch, so again some members of the Electroclan are reluctant to trust them. The entire plot leads to a final battle between Hatch's Elgen forces and the Electroclan. This books introduces a new character working for "The Voice". That was unexpected, but the question of "The Voices" identity will need to be resolved before the series end. I believe the next book will be the last one.

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