Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Ministry of SUITS by Paul Gamble

The Ministry of S.U.I.T.SMy name is Jack, and I've just started a job at SUITs that may kill me. Think of all the strange and unusual things you can; they're all true. Dinosaurs, not extinct. Werewolves, exist. Actually, there are werehamsters too, but they're not so bad. Tooth Fairy is a huge, mean six foot, six inch dude. I got into this job, because I suspect unpopular kids are being kidnapped from schools. I'm afraid my best friend David is in danger. A company has become my school's partner, but I don't understand the changes they're making. New polyester uniforms the same as our old ones? Carpet in the hallways, wind turbines, and modular classes? I've also discovered Trudy, a bully at my school, also works at SUITs, and she's my new partner. We've uncovered secrets leading us to hundreds of missing kids, but why have they been kidnapped? The truth is another strange and unusual thing.

I have a pretty high tolerance for weird plots, and this book fits that description. The strange events mentioned above are a tiny taste of the absurdity. Jerry and Trudy gain The Speed by thinking about depressing thoughts. Live animals in museums don't move only because they're playing musical chairs, so people only think they're dead. Actually, the animals remain still, because there's no music playing. The plot and craziness are actually fun to read if that kind of thing doesn't bug you. However, the footnotes and informational pages from the Ministry of S.U.I.TS handbook are too much. I found them a distraction (every chapter has at least one of them), so I skipped over them after a couple chapters. I'm sure they were funny, but they interrupted the flow of the plot. I still found the overall book amusing and fun to read. I like absurdity!

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