Friday, October 28, 2016

Amos Daragon #2: The Key of Braha by Bryan Perro

Amos Daragon. Trilogie 2: La malédiction de Freyja, La tour d'El-Bab, La colère d'EnkiMy name is Amos, and I have been murdered. Yeah, that surprised me too. As a mask wearer, I already had power over the air, but a young princess arrived to bring me a mask with the potential to control fire. However, this same princess stabbed me in the stomach shortly after giving me the gift! My soul went to the River Styx, where I've been told that the doors to heaven and hell suddenly closed. Spirits started overwhelming Braha, City of the Dead, and the specters in charge thought I'm the only one who can bring a balance between evil and good. There are things I need to discover down here while I'm dead, but I must come back to life to finish the quest. However, the things I need to figure out first are why the doors closed in the first place and who's trying to use me!

I'm enjoying the series, but I can't find a book three. Amos's intelligence gets him out of many bad situations, and his kindness gains favor with some bad characters. That's what I like most about his character, his ability to think and his compassion for others. The author allows readers to be aware of the characters who are trying to trick Amos, so it's fun to see how long it takes him to figure things out. Then, twists are thrown into the plot, as an ally reveals her motivation to help Amos. The new problem may be worse than the original one. The conclusion was very unexpected.

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