Friday, March 4, 2016

The Last Dragon Charmer #2: Quest Maker by Laurie McKay

Quest Maker (The Last Dragon Charmer #2)My name is Brynne. I was unable to use my magic to help Prince Caden and myself return to the a Greater Realm, so we're stuck in Asheville, North Carolina. Criminals from our home are banished to the school, and they all fear a powerful Elderdragon disguised as the assistant principal. We were shocked to see Caden's brother, Prince Jasan, show up; the king thinks Jasan murdered Prince Chadwin. There was a smelly explosion in a science room, a swarm of bees attacked students in the auditorium, and the principal has been receiving letters of complaint. Now, Caden has until next Tuesday to discover who is embarrassing the school, or the Elderdragon has promised to eat him and Jasan. We know the evil sorcerer, and math teacher, Rath Dunn must be behind it all, but the dragon demands proof. There is unrest between teachers, there may be a traitorous prince, and I only hope Prince Caden will still be alive on Wednesday.

The author does a marvelous job of blending the issues from the Greater Realm with the mortal world in a way that makes it almost believable. Caden always tells his foster mother the truth about the evil staff at the school, but of course she never believes him. He finds evidence of spells being cast but then gets grounded for breaking into the school. Despite being a prince and future knight, Caden's character can't read English very well and does poorly in school. This fact is ironic, since he has the power to automatically speak any language, including the ancient language of the Elderdragon. The plot is adventurous and has a mysterious quality to it. You should read the first book in the series, although you may be able to enjoy it on its own.

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