Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Dragon King Trilogy #2: The Warlords of Nin by Stephen R. Lawhead

The Warlords of Nin (The Dragon King, #2)My name is Queen Alinea. My husband rules the kingdom of Mensandor, but I fear he is slowly dying. He feels something evil has entered our lands, so he sent two of his most loyal knights out to investigate. We've waited and waited but there is still no word. My husband has finally accepted that his health is declining, so he's asked our adopted son Quentin to succeed him as king. Quentin is a former acolyte but has proved his devotion to the king and myself beyond any doubt. He's spoken to the God of all Gods which gives him unexplained powers, and he is wise beyond his years. We've just received word of an imposing army led by Nin the Destroyer that is slaughtering our citizens and burning our towns to ashes. The number of Ningaal warriors is far superior to our own forces, and the juggernaut is bearing down on us. The king is dying and Quentin is missing, so who will lead us?

You need to read the first book in the series. I was a little surprised when magic wasn't a bigger part of the plot in this book, as Quentin can't call upon his special abilities whenever he wants. His powers are more spiritual, and they're called upon in times of greatest need. This book had more action than the first one, and the climactic battle scene described the clash between the armies spanned a couple chapters. This series probably appeals more to mature middle grade readers, as most of the main characters are adults. Quentin's character changed dramatically from book one, and I wish the story had been told from his point of view. He was such an important and dynamic character that I missed his thoughts and feelings. It would make the plot more attractive for middle grade readers to have the plot follow this young boy.

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