Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hollow Earth #1 by John and Carole Barrowman

Hollow Earth (Hollow Earth #1)My name is Matt. The drawings my twin sister Em and I create become reality and now we're on the run from the Hollow Earth Society, a group protecting a supernatural world of demons and monsters. We are the first children of a Guardian and an Animare, and our powers are growing stronger under the training of our grandfather. However, he is now in the hospital in a coma, and our mother has disappeared. We're not sure if she was kidnapped or if someone was searching for the satchel we found in her room. Now, a mysterious, hooded man has shown up near the island, and a demon from a painting is terrorizing us. Does this have anything to do with my dad's disappearance, and I'm now wondering if he was involved with the Hollow Earth Society?

The idea of animated drawings has been used before, but this book used them as tools. Something bad happened, and the kids can drew a giant bird, a sword, or a place to hide in a cave. It was a little hard to believe the kids could draw pictures while being attacked, but I didn't let that fact keep me from enjoying the plot. Zach was a deaf character helping the kids, so it was cool to see him signing his comments. He became Em's Guardian, and they were able to communicate with their minds. The book read like a mystery and adventure story, and there were many elements that should appeal to most readers.

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