Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Demon Notebook #2: The Broken Spell by Ericka McGann

The Broken Spell (The Demon Notebook, #2)Grace and her friends are secretly receiving magic lessons from two teachers, but they're getting tired of just memorizing herbs and other plants. While the teachers think the girls must learn the basics before learning any magic, a new teacher, Ms. Gold, agrees to teach them some simple spells. Grace tries a spell to see back in time, but she finds herself actually traveling back and forth to 1977 where she finds her three teachers, as kids! She is followed by a scary man in a dark trench coat, The Mirrorman, and Ms. Gold tells the girls they shouldn't look at or listen to him, and to run away if he shows up. The Mirrorman poses a great danger to all witches. Things get complicated as Grace becomes frightened of one her friends, and spells start to get out of control.

I didn't happen to read the first book in the series. I was curious about some references to it, but I was still able to enjoy this book. The author included several different conflicts, but they all worked together. The teachers didn't get along with each other, The Mirrorman, Grace's problems with her friends, and Grace had an internal conflict about her friends and demon. Two teachers wanted the girls to be responsible with their spells, but Ms. Gold felt that they should be able to explore their powers. The climax was surprising, as the hero was someone I didn't expect. I recommend the book!

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