Thursday, September 10, 2015

Magisterium #2: The Copper Gauntlet by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

The Copper Gauntlet (Magisterium, #2)Call was told the soul of the Enemy of Death lives inside him, so he's trying to decide if he'll soon become an Evil Overlord. Before returning to school for mages, he learns that someone tried to steal the Alkahest from it, and he believes it was his father. The gauntlet made of copper can be used to kill the Makar, the only mage able to control chaos. All of the mages recently discovered that Aaron, Call's best friend, is the new Makar. When the Alkahest is actually stolen, Call's father becomes a wanted man, dead or alive. Now, Call and his friends must find him and the copper gauntlet before it's too late. And if Call's evil soul takes over, will his destiny lead to a battle to the death with his best friend?

The mages create magic using earthly elements like soil, air, and water, but chaos is the evil element most mages cannot control. Many mages and creatures have become Chaos-ridden and fight for the Enemy of Death. There are similarities between Call and Harry Potter, as they both attend a magic school, both have a bit of evil inside them, and both are still learning to master their immense powers. They both were able to communicate with evil characters using languages no one else could understand, and they both are keeping secrets from their closest friends. Call has a huge, Chaos-ridden wolf named Havoc that is a playful, dangerous pet. The second half of this book contains more action than the first part, but I find the book easy to get into. You should read the first book in series,  The Iron Trial, before this one to understand the background stories of the characters, the school, and the conflict. It may not be essential, but it will help to fully understand what's going on.

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