Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Savvy #3: Switch by Ingrid Law

Switch (Savvy, #3)This book continues the Savvy series, but you can enjoy this story without reading the first two. Gypsy's savvy now allows her to have visions of other people's past or present, although she's not yet able to control it. A new power arises when she develops the ability to freeze time. The savvies of her other family members have gone goofy too. One brother starts to give off fire, and another brother grows to the size of a giant when he's angry. To make matters worse, the family gets word that Grandma Pat will be moving in, and she's never liked any of them. Gypsy has a vision of her grandmother standing at the top of a snowy steeple, now Grandma has run away during a sudden blizzard. She's not thinking clearly and believes she's headed to her high school dance. Grandma's life depends on the kids finding her before she falls to her death.

This book follows the same format as the first two books, so fans of the series should enjoy it too. The savvies aren't super strange, but the fact that they're strange to the characters adds some fun to the plot. Gypsy is still trying to figure out her savvy visions, when she accidentally stops time and doesn't know how to restart it! This plot has more adventure than previous books, as the characters visit a new setting and are forced to search for Grandma. The characters must balance their use of their savvies with the need to keep them secret. It's an enjoyable book for savvy fans.

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