Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Underworlds #4: The Ice Dragon by Tony Abbott

The Ice Dragon (Underworlds, #4)Owen, Dana, Jon, and Stephen head to Iceland to stop Loki from defeating Odin, king of the Norse gods. Loki has already released monsters that are setting fire to the kids' home town, and he's now heading to the land of snow. He needs to find the Crystal Rune, but he doesn't know it's location. However, Dana thinks she knows where to find it from a childhood story her parents once told. Their journey leads them to an old volcano that might be extinct. Might be. Eventually, they witness Loki killing Odin's son. Odin tells the kids that Loki doesn't fully understand the consequences of finding the Crystal Rune; it will actually kill all living things. The kids are the only ones who can stop Loki and the monsters, but how?

This book is like all of the others, and it brings the series to an end. The plot again moves quickly and is filled with plenty of action. The kids use their talents to work together, but Owen's lyre always seems to be the key weapon. The tunes he plays have magical effects, but the instrument takes a beating in this book. This whole series is a great read for reluctant readers.

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