Monday, July 6, 2015

The Cloak Society #1 by Jeremy Kraatz

The Cloak Society (The Cloak Society, #1)Alex is the son of two super villains, leaders of Cloak. He uses his telekinetic power to help other Betas, like criminal trainees, but they're stopped by Rangers and Junior Rangers. Alex saves one of them from death, so his parents wonder if he should be part of the plan to banish all of the Rangers into the Gloom, kind of limbo between life and death. He runs into the Junior Ranger again, and he becomes confused when she offers to help him leave Cloak. He feels like there's more to the raid than the Cloak leaders are telling, and he starts questioning the whole organization. It turns out Alex a good reason to be concerned, but what will he do about it? What will his parents do?

It's pretty unusual to find a main character who's also a criminal. Alex is a fourth-generation villain with superpowers, but the author creates a strong internal conflict. He looks forward to destroying the Rangers until he saves the girl's life. The author slowly makes him reflect on what Cloak is doing, but his parents keep,putting pressure on him to become the strongest supervillain. The characters have some intriguing powers. They include sound energy, controlling plants, changing the temperature, and changing into animals. Gabe doesn't have any powers, but he is a young genius who creates all of the technology for Cloak.

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