Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Underworlds #3: Revenge of the Scorpion King by Tony Abbott

Revenge of the Scorpion King (Underworlds, #3)Owen, Dana, Sydney, and Jon sneak onto Loki's sleigh and follow him to the Babylonian Underworld. Loki is searching for the Crystal Rune, and he plans to use it to defeat Odin, king of the Norse gods. Loki hopes to control seven Babylonian monsters to burn our world in ashes. The first person to reach the top of a seven-story tower  will control them, however one of the monsters guards each floor. Once, Loki destroys Odin, there'll be no one left to stop him from ruling the world.

You should provably read the first two books in the series, but it's not absolutely necessary. I recommend you start with the first book. All of the books in the series are very short; the first three books are less than sixty pages long. The action moves along very quickly, and the whole series can be read like one average-length book. It's a great series for readers who enjoy adventure but don't want to take weeks to finish a book.

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