Monday, March 2, 2015

Red Dragon Academy #1: Dreamwalker by Rhys Bowen and C.M. Broyles

Dreamwalker (The Red Dragon Academy, #1)After her mother's death, Addy travels to England with her aunt and discovers she was actually adopted. She's enrolled in the Red Dragon Academy, and the maze of hallways winding through the old castle is confusing. She finds her art teacher has painted an exact replica of the the one Addy just finished, and her friend Raj's math assignment is written identically to hers. However, she is frightened when her dreams of flying aboard a red dragon, seeing a girl in a gray robe, and being grabbed by a woman in white seem too real. The lines between reality and her dreams become blurred. Six of her classmates are unaware of their own special powers, and Addy discovers she has the ability to travel to another world. The One is waiting for her there, and traveling to the world without truly understanding her powers may be her doom. He hopes to control
Addy's rare power to control the minds of everyone.

This book is similar to the Harry Potter series in that the students are discovering their powers while at the school. However, most of the students are normal humans, and the main characters are unaware they possess any powers. Strange things happen, but the characters explain them away with logic, or wonder. You know Addy's adoption will be important as the plot moves on; it explains everything that is going on. It was a little difficult understanding how her powers actually worked, but I assume it will be less of an issue in the next book. It seems like Addy's dreams transport her and cause things to happen, but then she ends up back where she was when she wakes up, sometimes. I like books where the characters must use their individual talents to work as a team, and this book fits that description. I'm anxious to read the next book in the series.

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