Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Unwanteds #3: Island of Fire by Lisa McMann

Island of Fire  (Unwanteds, #3)This book is the third in the series, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. Mr. Today is killed by Alex's brother, the land of Artime has disappeared, and two of Alex's best friends are prisoners on Warbler Island, the Island of Silence. A brother and sister have washed ashore, but their thorned collars keep them from talking. Alex must discover the spell to restore Artime before all of the other Unwanteds and Wanteds return to Quill. He must also figure out how to rescue his friends and still deal with his evil brother, who is ruling Quill.

There are many conflicts in the plot of this book, and it's understandable when Alex becomes overwhelmed. The author creates a new internal conflict for him when Alex starts to have feelings for, the sister who came ashore. Lani and Samheed become attracted to each other as they try to survive on Warbler Island. Alex's attempt to rescue them creates a new conflict for book four, and the rescue team finds some new characters who will become the focus in future plots. The author has a wonderful imagination and is able to mix serious events with her sense of humor. She makes the difficulties of being a leader a feature of the plot.

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