Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gregor the Overlander #1 by Suzanne Collins

Gregor the OverlanderThis book is the first in The Underland Chronicles series, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. Gregor follows his two-year-old sister, Boots, into an air vent, and they're carried to a land deep within the earth. He's met by giant cockroaches, bats, spiders, and rats, and he discovers that his missing father may be down there. The Underland humans tell Gregor that there is a prophecy about a great warrior from the Overland who will lead a quest to end the war with the rats. The prophecy isn't clear, but Gregor knows that he must try to free his father from the rats.

This book was written by the same author as The Hunger Games, but the similarities end there. You'll hate this book if you don't like talking animals. The plot moved along quickly, but the climax wasn't easily predictable. Boots was a very interesting character as her personality shifted between a child in her Terrible Twos to an ambassador of good will between all living creatures. There are four more books in the series.

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