Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Last Apprentice #5: Wrath of the Bloodeye by Joseph Delaney

This book is the fifth in the series, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. Tom is sent off to train with a former Spook's apprentice for six months, but this spook is much tougher and meaner. The Spook hopes that this training will toughen up Tom for future battles he will face. The Fiend is out to kill Tom or change him to the Dark, and water witches are the main enemy in this setting. The bloodeye belongs to the daughter of the Fiend, and her look will paralyze a person and leave them helpless. Tom thinks his new spook is killed by her, but he must later try to rescue the spook from the dungeon where he is being held captive. Tom finds help from an unexpected character, but he also discovers some disturbing information about his mother and Alice, his best friend.

This book has more action than some of the previous books as Tom seems to constantly be fighting various water witches. Also, the Fiend is able to appear from nowhere, and he's able to disguise himself as other people. This power makes the reader constantly wonder when the Fiend will pop up next. The reason I gave the book a rating of four is because Tom frequently seems unable to defend himself and is saved by other characters. I wish he would use the talents he's learned during his two years of training instead of being caught by surprise and becoming disabled or unconscious. Characters keep saying he's the key to stopping the Dark, but he hasn't shown much of that power yet. However, the conflict and plot are entertaining, and I enjoy seeing how Tom escapes from all of the confrontations he faces.

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