Tuesday, August 6, 2013

H.I.V.E. #6: Zero Hour by Mark Walden

Zero Hour (H.I.V.E, #6)This book is the sixth in the series, and I gave it a rating of five out of five. Overlander returns as much more dangerous enemy. It's improved the Animus and taken over Raven's mind. Overlander needs to find a more permanent body to live in, and Otto's body is the perfect home. Overlander takes over a top-secret nuclear facility, and it finally discovers the location of H.I.V.E. When H.I.V.E. falls into enemy hands, all seems lost. Overlander has created another weapon that seems impossible to stop and can control the world. Overlander takes the girls hostage, so Otto may have no choice but to risk capture in order to save them.

There was quite a bit going on in this plot, and the H.I.V.E. team faces impossible odds, as usual. I liked that Nero actually gave the kids missions to complete, since they've unofficially been doing them anyhow since book one. I'm impressed with the author's imagination as he comes up with villains and problems that are very difficult to defeat. Spoiler alert: one of the students ended up dying in this book!

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