Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Children of the Lamp: The Blue Djinn of Babylon

This book is the second in the "Children of the Lamp" series, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. John and Phillipa are young djinn, or genies, and Phillipa has been been kidnapped and chosen to become the next Blue Djinn. The Blue Djinn is all-powerful and oversees all disputes between djinn; it's always a female, and they are kind of like the supreme judge. The problem is that the Blue Djinn must be totally impartial between good and bad, so she must become heartless and indifferent toward others. John and his magical helpers must get past numerous obstacles and creatures to help save his sister.

Much like the first novel in the series, the whole of idea of genies is unique. I enjoy the interaction of the chidren with all of the various characters, and the conflicts are interesting and imaginative. I think what bugs me a little is the amount of explaining that is done throughout the plot. There are explanations for the history of djinn, the limitations of djinn power, and explanations of the various conflicts. Not just descriptions, but explanations. I have enjoyed the plots in the first two books, and readers who enjoy wizards and magic may enjoy them too.

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