Thursday, November 25, 2010

Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

This novel is the first in "The Missing" series, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. The book opens with a mysterious plane appearing at an airport, and the only people on board are babies strapped into the seats. No crew. The setting moves forward thirteen years when two friends receive letters in the mail informing them that someone is coming to get them back. Both boys were adopted around the same time thirteen years ago, and they discover there are many other children in the same situation who are living in the same area. Some of them grew up in this town, but many others have moved here from other parts of the country. They speak with a man from the FBI, but he seems to be hiding the truth. There's another man who periodically appears out of nowhere, and then disappears after helping the two boys. A witness to the plane mystery informs them that she thinks the boys are beings from the future who have traveled back in time. If this is true, the boys still have no idea of their past, and they have no idea why all of these adopted children are coming to the same location. Is it a trap?

The plot of the book is interesting, right up there with other books by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I kept asking myself throughout the book, "Who are these kids? Are the people searching for them good or bad? They must be bad, because why would other people help them escape if they weren't bad? However, what do I really know about the people helping them?" I wanted the plot to move along a little quicker, but that's probably because I wanted answers to my questions. That means the author was doing her job! One note, you're almost forced to read the sequel, because this book ends in the middle of a situation.

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