Friday, November 12, 2010

Fablehaven 2: Rise of the Evening Star by Brandon Mull

This book is the second in the Fablehaven series, and I gave it a rating of five out of five. You need to read the first book prior to reading this one. Kendra discovers she has developed a number of powers from the fairies, but she also finds out that she's not safe in the human world. In addition, Seth is being chased by Olloch the Glutton who will not stop until he has eaten Seth. The children return to the safety of Fablehaven only to discover that there's a spy from The Evening Star within the haven of mystical creatures. This evil group is searching for an artifact hidden on the grounds, and it appears as though the spy is one of Grandpa and Grandma's most trusted friends, even though the Sphinx has vouched for the honesty of all three. The location of the artifact is protected by a fearsome creature that turned Warren into the catatonic albino from book one. Other deadly obstacles await anyone who can get past it. The future of Fablehaven and all of the other mystical refuges around the world depend on the security of the powerful artifact.

This book is a classic fantasy with all of the magical creatures and spells. I enjoy the conflict and way the author continues to make it more difficult to solve. This book has a bit more danger and suspense than the first book, and it has the added mystery of the secret spy for the enemy. I found myself constantly questioning the actions and motives of all of the characters as I tried to guess the identity of the spy.

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