Friday, November 30, 2018

Keeper of the Lost Cities #5: Lodestar by Shannon Messenger

Lodestar (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #5)My name is Keefe, and I know my decision to join the Neverseen is dangerous, and probably stupid. I need to get answers about my mom, as I don't understand why she joined these rebels. Is she still alive? Fintan is a powerful pyrokinetic and won't hesitate to torture and kill me with Everblaze if he discovers my deceit. Luckily, Sophie is able to telepathically communicate with me and believes I'm not a terrible person. She's uncovered a symbol called the Lodestar, but I've never seen it before. Sophie wants me to leave the rebels, but I've heard Fintan talking about a Lodestar Initiative. I've got to gain his trust, so I can mess up his plans for violence. I've already blown up part of Foxfire, my old school, to prove my loyalty. I've told Sophie that I know what I'm doing and hope I won't regret the decisions I've made.

You probably won't enjoy this book without reading the previous ones, as many of the conflicts have manifested throughout the series. Sophie is the main character and savior, as her genetics were modified to address many of the elves' problems. She still displays insecurities and makes rash decisions that sometimes backfire. If you've read my posts about previous books in the series, I've been annoyed about her seemingly obliviousness that three boys like her. Finally, the author has characters openly address the problem with her, but she remains clueless. Amazing! Fintan has become the main protagonist, and his plans are difficult to predict. The characters anticipate his motivations only to discover they've been focusing on the wrong things. This results in a more suspenseful and entertaining plotThe story includes the death of a main character, so it will be interesting to see how the next book handles the void. This book presents another surprise at the end, but it's not as significant as in the earlier books. I've already gotten my hands on Nightfall, and I'm anxious to see how the series ends. 

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