Monday, September 17, 2018

Thrones and Bones #2: Nightborn by Lou Anders

Nightborn (Thrones & Bones, #2)My name is Karn, and I must find my friend Thianna and rescue her from dark elves. It feels strange for me to be saving a giantess, but she's my best friend and I'd give my life to save her. I met a wood elf named Desstra, and she's offered to help. I appreciate having her along, but something doesn't feel right. She's handy with darts and poisons, and she's different from other wood elves. Thianna was searching for another Horn of Osius, so that's become part of my mission too. The horn will allow its holder to control dragons, and that would spell disaster. A dark elf named Tanthal has been dogging my trail, and he's ruthless. He'd have no trouble stabbing his own men in the back if it helped get what he wants. Even so, I had no idea my mission to save Thianna would lead me into the middle of war!

A book review compared this book to Lloyd Alexander, and that's an accurate description. I recommend you read the first book to fully appreciate the history and friendship between Thianna and Karn. Thianna is large, strong, and impulsive, while Karn is normally the more thoughtful one. Karn has been training and is a more competent fighter than he was before. He loves games and solving puzzles which are handy traits to own during his adventure. Desstra is an interesting new character, and you'll feel a little sorry for her as she sabotages Karn's plans. She starts off wanting to graduate from her dark elf warrior school until she sees the friendship between Thianna and Karn. You keep thinking she'll turn to the good side, but then she goes and helps Tanthal. You won't like Tanthal at all, and you're not supposed to. A humorous twist to the plot involves the manticores. These beasts say their name means "man eater", and they pull chariots during a race. They even threaten to eat their own drivers if the mood strikes them! It may sound weird or gross, but it's actually pretty funny. I'm really enjoying the series and plan to read the third book sometime soon.

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