Thursday, September 20, 2018

Rules for Thieves #1 by Alexander Ott

Rules for Thieves (Rules for Thieves, #1)My name is Beck, and I hope I haven't made a mistake by bringing Alli into the Thieves Guild. I knew she wouldn't survive on the streets, and then I saw the black lines spreading up her arm. She was poisoned by magic and will die within a week. Outsiders are rarely allowed into the guild, so some thieves aren't happy about her arrival. I'm nervous and excited to pass my Trial, but it will allow me to become a permanent member of the Thieves Guild. Alli has received permission to take her Trial too, and she'll be able to get medical help if she passes. The good news is we'll be working together on our Trials. The bad news is we've been given the most difficult mission ever, and we're on our own once we leave the guild. Death is also a huge possibility.

Alli is the main character and has a very abrasive personality. She escaped from an orphanage and doesn't know much about her biological parents. While her family isn't a big issue, the last page in the book reveals a secret that will probably impact the sequel. Alli is sarcastic and has a very hard time holding her tongue, and that's a fatal flaw for a thief. Beck is the character with morals and seems a bit out of place in the guild. He cares for others. The author's use of magic is interesting, since it doesn't play a major factor in most of the plot. As I reflect, it most remember it being used by healers to help the sick and injured, and as a weapon by guards and protectors. Alli's injury adds a time factor to the story, and the black lines in her arm act as the clock. The poison moves from her hand toward her heart and acts as a countdown to death. The main part of the book that bugs me is Alli's Trial. I know it's the author's choice, but it seems strange for an unprepared character to undertake a dangerous mission. On the other hand, the thieves didn't like outsiders and didn't expect her to succeed. Overall, the book is entertaining, and I've already gotten the sequel from my local library. Give it a shot. 

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