Saturday, August 4, 2018

Jack Blank Adventure #3: The End of Infinityby Matt Myklusch

The End of Infinity (Jack Blank Adventure, #3)My name is Allegra, and Jonas Smart has gone too far. I knew he would accuse Jack of being a Rostov spy again, but he ordered his soldiers to attack him with thousands of innocent civilians around. I don't know exactly what the Rustov did to Jack while he was captive for a year, but he announced they're planning an all-out invasion of Imagine Nation. Smart ignored Jack's warning, and his unjust xenophobia has led to Jazen's imprisonment and has the citizens nearing a civil war. Jack's supporters are accused of being pro-Rustov, and the timing couldn't be worse. The Rustov invasion is here, and no one is prepared. Jack is the wild card. He's my best friend, but his fear of becoming Revile sometimes paralyzes him. A Rustov parasite is inside his head, and the Rustov surgically implanted a power cell into his chest. We're all doomed if Jack can't suppress Khalix and become our most powerful weapon again. 

You must read the previous books to understand this one. Even though many characters had superpowers, the series read more like science fiction due to the significance of machines in the plot. The robotic parasite had been inside Jack since the beginning and was growing stronger. It created an ongoing internal conflict that seemed impossible to resolve without Jack's death. How could he overcome Khalix, as the Rustov machine slowly took over his body? The Rustov prince spoke in Jack's head and kept reminding him how futile it was to resist the transformation. I loved how the author continued to weave all kinds of twists into the plot that required my thought and imagination. The Rustov had been planning the invasion for a decade and were always one step ahead. However, one decision dramatically back-fired on them, and one character hinted about it all through the series. Characters changed sides, and another character made a surprise reappearance. In addition, a lingering question about Jack's past is finally answered during the plot's resolution. Overall, the series may not appeal to everyone, but lovers of robots and science fiction should really enjoy it. I did!

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