Sunday, July 24, 2016

Trelian #2: The Princess of Trelian by Michelle Knudsen

The Princess of Trelian (Trelian, #2)My name is Calen, and many of the other mages think I'm a danger to the Magistratum. The ceremony for my first marking should have been special, and it was special until creatures made of magical energy attacked everyone there. An attack inside the Magistratum should have been impossible, and some mages think I was involved! My master helped me escape, but we quickly discovered the princess was in trouble. Now, Trelian is on the brink of war with a neighboring kingdom, and Meg says Sen Eva is behind it all. We know the unmarked mage is crazy, and she's trying to open a portal and help Mage Krelig return from his 400 year magical exile. The Magistratum fears his awesome power, and some members think I will team up with him. Why does my master not trust me? What must I do to prove I'm not a threat?

You need to read the first book in the trilogy before this one. The plot centers around Calen and Meg, with Calen becoming the major focus by the end. In the first two books, he's been Meg's source of strength and reason, as she struggles with her link to her dragon. However, Calen has his own issues, and it doesn't seem like he has anyone to help clear up his confusion. Not a good situation for a young mage learning to control his growing powers. His ability to see the colors of magic is an unusual twist, since no other mages are able to do it. I recently read Kalifus Rising by Alane Adams and noticed it has a similarity to this book. Calen's character also seems to overestimate his magical abilities and thinks he can face the antagonist alone. I really enjoy the interactions and teamwork between the princess and Calen, and I wonder if they might become even closer by the end of the trilogy. It seems inevitable, but it may be taboo. We'll see.

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