Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Artemis Fowl #4: The Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer

The Opal Deception  (Artemis Fowl, #4)My name is Butler, and it's my duty to protect young Artemis. I just grabbed him and jumped out a third-story window in order to survive the impact of a bio-bomb. However, Artemis disappeared, and I discover a disgusting little dwarf named Mulch Diggums in Fowl Manor. A dwarf? He says we're friends and shows me a computer file that explains all kinds of lost memories about the fairies and other creatures living deep underground. Also, LEP fairy Captain Holly Short is accused of murdering Commander Root, and there's video of her shooting him in the chest. Root was like a father to Holly, so why would she kill him? We later learn that Opal Koboi is free and has devised an elaborate plan to discredit Holly, kill everyone involved in her imprisonment, and reveal the existence of the fairy world to humans. Disaster!

I never had an interest in reading these books while I was teaching, but they're very entertaining. You can probably enjoy this book without reading the others, but you'll miss out on the background stories and relationships. I like how Artemis's character has transformed from a ruthless teenage criminal into a boy with compassion for others. He's still a genius, and his mind is still the key to solving all the problems. Mulch is a great character. He's disgusting, whiny, loyal, and brave, and did I mention he's disgusting? Holly is the focus of this plot, as Artemis comes to her rescue. Butler and Artemis had their memories wiped at the end of the previous book, but Artemis figured out a way to get around the fairy technology. I recommend this series if adventure is what you need.

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