Monday, November 16, 2015

The Books of Umber #3: The End of Time by P.W. Catanese

The End of Time (The Books of Umber, #3)Umber and Hap have safely returned home, but trouble soon follows. Hap is supposed to master his unique powers to become one of the most powerful Meddlers ever. It's the only way he'll be able to save millions of lives in the world Umber came from. However, an evil sorceress grows more powerful in her prison cell, and it's no secret the prince detests Umber. Umber's life will be in danger if the king's failing health does not improve, and the prince gains control of the kingdom. And word is spreading of a terrible fire monster bringing death and destruction from the Far Continent. And, oh yeah, the Executioner has already killed the other Meddlers, and Hap is his next target. There's a whole lot of disaster going on!

This book is the last one in the trilogy, and you need to read the first two books. You can type "Umber" in the search box found at the top of my blog to see my other reviews. The plot in this book followed a straighter path than the first two books. The prince was a threat to Umber, and everything revolved around that problem. The other conflicts became the focus at different times, but the prince was a constant. A surprise from Umber's previous life pops up to create a huge problem. I liked how the author resolved the climax. Hap used his new-found powers to travel to many settings from the previous books. Problem creatures from those plots became solutions to Hap's problem in this book. Creative thinking by the author!

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