Friday, November 6, 2015

Michael Vey #5: Storm of Lightning by Richard Paul Evans

Storm of Lightning (Michael Vey, #5)Michael, Taylor, and the rest of the Electroclan are on the run again after escaping from Dr. Hatch and his Elgen army. They head to Mexico where Michael's mother and Ostin's parents were hiding in a compound, but they learn it was attacked and obliterated. The Elgen atrackers were unaware the families and members of the resistance escaped earlier, but now the Elgen have arrested Taylor's mother. They're using her as bait, so they can kidnap, or kill, Taylor. Meanwhile, Dr. Hatch is continuing his invasion of Tuvalu, complete with newly invented war ships. He hopes to control 98% of the world's energy production within the next couple of years. He makes Quinten king of Tuvalu, but there's trouble brewing.

Type Michale Vey into the search box found in the top left corner of this site to see my reviews of the previous books in the series. You need to read the other books first, or you'll have no idea what's going on. The Electroclan are teenagers with amazing electrical powers, although Dr. Hatch has his own small force of powerful teenagers. The early books in the series had more action than this one, but it still has its own adventure. This book focuses on character relationships, and Dr. Hatch is teaching everyone, including his own followers, that dictators don't trust anyone. Ostin is an interesting character in the series, because he's the only member of the Electroclan without any powers, other than being really, really smart. The resolution of the book brings back Schema, a bad guy ousted by Hatch earlier in the series. He's grabbed by members of the resistance, so I assume they'll all play bigger roles in the next book, coming out in 2016.

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