Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Magnificent 12 #2: The Trap by Michael Grant

The Trap (The Magnificent 12, #2)Mack, Jarrah, and Stefan head to China, looking for the third member of the Magnifica. She ends up being a small dragon with the ability to transform into a human. The group then flies to Germany, on the back of the dragon's uncle, where they find two more members of the Magnifica. However, one of  them is pompously annoying, and the other is an apprentice to an assassin. They need the apprentice, or they can't form the Magnificent 12. This team is needed to defeat the Pale Queen before she wipes out humanity. In addition, Mack's group must face Thor and Odin, two of the most powerful Norse gods.

I read an eBook version of the story. This book is the second in the series, and you should read the first book before it. The humor continues to be a little weird, but it's no different from the first book. The author again shares a flashback story, but this time it explains why the old assassin doggedly stalks the kids. I enjoyed the plot of the book, but I was bothered by the thoughts of the golem, a mud monster impersonating Mack while he gone. The golem's thoughts were stuck in the middle of the plot without any notice, although later in the book they appeared as text messages. There were scenes with chases, fights, and nasty creatures, and they were mixed the author's sense of humor.

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