Monday, January 26, 2015

Five Kingdoms #2: The Rogue Knight by Brandon Mull

The Rogue Knight (Five Kingdoms, #2)Cole leaves Sambria and continues his adventure to help Princess Mira find her sister, Honor. Their father pretended to kill them and their other sisters, so he could steal their shaping powers, their ability to create illusions. Cole crosses paths with the slave trader who first brought him to the Outskirts and search parties are all over the place looking for Mira. Cole is reunited with an old friend, and they are joined by a powerful shaper, a high ranking member of the resistance. All the while, rumors abound of the Rogue Knight who is taking over cities by challenging and killing their champions. And finally, a devastating force called Morgassa is destroying cities and taking control of all who oppose her. Cole loses the powers he once had in Sambria, but there is uncommon power buried deep inside him.

This book is the second story in the Five Kingdoms series (there will be five). Illusions, magical swords and ropes, characters changing into animals all await you. Cole finding a friend completes part of his personal quest, but he won't give up until he finds Jenna. She's a classmate from school, but he never had the guts to say he liked her. The illusions of characters always leave doors open that they may not be what they seem. The characters are forced to seek help in places other characters are afraid to travel, and unusual alliances are formed. An imagination is needed in order to enjoy this series, but it's worth the effort. This author also wrote the Fablehaven series.

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