Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Hypontists #2: Memory Daze by Gordon Korman

Memory Maze (The Hypnotists, #2)This book is the 2014 sequel to The Hypnotists. Jax and his family flee from Dr. Mako, because the doctor is out for revenge. Jax is going to a new school, his parents have new jobs, and Braintree has traveled with them in order to develop Jax's hypnotic powers. Jax is the offspring of the two most famous hypnotist families in history, so he may become the most powerful hypnotist of all time. Mako starts to kidnap other mind benders, hoping to discover Jax's location. A dying billionaire hires Jax to help him survive long enough for a new medicine to be created, but Braintree warns him there may be serious side effects. The sessions get more intense, and Jax discovers he may have a missing brother. Why have his parents kept this secret from him? Does Liam have the power too?

The hypnotic sessions with the billionaire are the most confusing part of the plot, but just remember the images are the man's memories, not Jax's. I liked how the author mixed Jax's confusion to understand the billionaire with Mako's search. Braintree's character was a bigger part of this plot than in the first book. I also appreciated how his character dealt with the moral issue of using the hypnotic power for personal gain. He felt it wasn't right and tried to convince Jax and the other mind benders that it was wrong, not always successfully.

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