Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Elevator Ghost by Glen Huser

The Elevator GhostCarolina Giddle is a new babysitter in the apartment building, and she has a talent for storytelling. Specifically, her talent is with telling ghost stories. She also has a pet tarantula and likes to talk to the spirit of her dead aunt at the Blatchford seniors' home. She babysits for mischief-makers, scaredy-cats, and other children with special issues, but her stories always improve the situations. How to stop a child from painting on the wall? Tell a story about a painting of a giant monster that comes to life and destroys the building.

For the most part, this book is a collection of short stories. Each chapter introduces kids with different problems followed by Carolina Giddle's stories to change them. Readers won't find the stories scary, but I could picture her lighting candles in dark rooms to spook the toddlers. Overall, it was an enjoyable book.

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