Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #1: Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer

Eighth Grade Bites (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, #1)I reread this book and now give it a rating of five out of five. Vlad is a normal eighth grade boy except for the fact that he's a vampire. He's being raised by his "aunt" after his human mother and vampire father were killed in a house fire. His English teacher is now missing, and a strange substitute has taken his place. Vlad finds some books and a journal from his father, and he believes that the substitute is the murderer of his parents. Now, the members of a vampire council may want Vlad dead too. Vlad doesn't understand any of this, and he has no one to turn to for help.

Vlad behaves like a normal teenage boy, unsure about himself with a secret crush on pretty classmate. I enjoyed his interactions with his best friend, Henry, a human who is aware of Vlad's secret. His Aunt Nelly, a close, human friend of his mom, also knows Vlad is a vampire, and she fixes his meals with heavy doses of blood. The suspense builds up to an exciting climax in front of the vampire council.

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