Thursday, April 18, 2013

Morpheus Road #1: The Light by D.J. MacHale

The Light (Morpheus Road, #1)This book is the first in the series, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. Marsh's summer is ruined when his best friend, Cooper, is taken away to a remote lake with his parents. Marsh gets upset one day and breaks a glass ball that was given to him by his deceased mother. The broken ball drips blood down the wall, but all evidence of it later disappears. After that, Marsh begins to experience strange hauntings, and his drawing of the Gravedigger seems to come to life. Marsh gets word that Cooper is missing, so he gets Cooper's sister, Sydney, to drive him to the lake to help in the search. The Gravedigger starts to become more threatening, and he even causes the death of several people. Marsh starts to learn the truth about Cooper's disappearance, but Gravedigger may kill him before he has a chance to do anything about it.

The exposition and rising action started drag on bit for me, but the plot became much better after about page 100. The rest of the book was eventful, and it almost became a page-turned as I neared the climax. I liked the suspense, but I also liked the interactions between Marsh and Sydney. She was a beautiful, intelligent girl who thought Marsh was weird and a little annoying. It was fun to see Marsh try to convince that she needed to help him.

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