Friday, July 29, 2011

Sidekicks By Jack Ferraiolo

This book has a fun plot, and I gave it a rating of five out of five. Scott is a normal middle-school boy, except for the fact that he's also a superhero named Bright Boy. He's a sidekick to the main superhero named Phantom Justice, and they spend most of their time fighting their arch enemies, Dr. Chaos and Monkeywrench. When he's not worrying about his enemies stealing top secret inventions, Scott is trying to adjust to life at school. Bright Boy's tight-fitting outfit reveals some physical changes as he goes through puberty, and it becomes very embarrassing when pictures hit the television and Internet. These events add to the difficulty of hiding his secret life, and it's not until later in the book that Scott discovers the identify of his true enemy.

The idea of the plot sounds kind of goofy, but it was entertaining. There was a lot of action and a good deal of character development. A subplot develops into a Romeo and Juliet story, and the conflict twists in an unexpected way. The author added frequent humor through the dialogue as the foes exchanged standard, superhero comments, and Scott tried develop his first real relationship. As long as readers don't take it too seriously, I think most of them will enjoy the book. The author left the door open for a sequel too.

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