Saturday, July 9, 2011

Merlin's Dragon #2: Doomraga's Revenge by T.A. Barron

This book is the second in the trilogy, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. Basil has grown into the most powerful dragon Avalon has ever known. However, Rhita Gawr sends messengers of evil into the realms of Avalon in the form of leeches. The leeches influence the residents to spread chaos, panic, and hatred throughout the land and give Doomraga, Rhita Gawr's chief minion, more power. Basil and Merlin travel all over Avalon stopping the uprisings of evil, but it causes Merlin to lose his family. His son disowns him, because he was never around to be a father.; Merlin didn't show his son attention once he discovered his son had no magical powers. The evil has overtaken many of the residents and others have given up hope. The evil power is growing and Basil and Merlin may not be able to stop it.

You need to read the first book before this one; you can see my post for it below. I like the strength and power that Basil has gained in this book, but I miss his underdog character from book one. This books develops more character relationships with Basil as the other people start to notice him. Many young adults may be able to identify with Merlin's relationship to his son. Parents who are too busy to give attention to their kids and parents who have exceedingly high expectations for their kids are common issues in our society. This series is great for fantasy lovers.

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