Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Adventurers Wanted #4: Sands of Nezza by

Sands of Nezza (Adventurers Wanted, #4)My name is Rallian, and Alex Taylor does not fit any description I've ever learned about wizards, except for his immense power. I'd still be a prisoner of my uncle and his evil sorcerer if Alex hadn't chanced upon my cell while rescuing his friend. The different regions of Nezza have been fighting for years, and all-out war seems to be imminent. I'm rumored to be the true heir of Nezza, but I don't know if I want to declare my intentions. I'm just a boy, and I fear the rulers of the regions will reject me. However, my uncle must be stopped, and his sorcerer's evil magic is still enchanting the lands. Alex thinks there's something called the Brotherhood actually controlling the sorcerer, and its influence spreads beyond Nezza. Alex has proven to be a formidable force, and I'm thankful he's staying with me until I'm accepted as king.

You should at least read Slathbog's Gold before this book to get a sense of the background story. This one differs from the previous books in that Alex, the main character, isn't officially part of the group of adventurers. He is magically summoned by an imprisoned friend and is uncertain of what he'll find in Nezza. It's the first land in the series where wizards and magic are openly feared by most of the minor characters. In the previous books, I've enjoyed the camaraderie between adventurers, and that's lost a little bit this time. Even Alex feels the disconnect. However, he still displays his honor and loyalty, as he risks his life for his friends and the prince. The early books mentioned a possible underlying evil, but this one fully embraces the problem. The Brotherhood has come to the forefront and will be a conflict in this book's sequel. As the threats grow, Alex's magical powers are stretched to their limits. This wasn't always the case in the earlier books. Overall, I'm still enjoying the series, although I miss the dynamics of a group of adventurers working together on a quest. Alex is mostly flying solo right now. 

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