Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Storm Runner #1 by J.C. Cervantes

The Storm Runner (The Storm Runner #1)My name is Zane, and I was stunned to find the creatures in my mythology book are real! A shapeshifter named Brooks told me about a prophecy where I'll free an imprisoned god of the underworld, who will then go on to destroy the world. Why would anyone free an evil god knowing it will lead to death and destruction? Well, it might be because I'm a kind person and good friend. However, I made a stupid deal with Pukeface that may result in me becoming his minion for eternity. My only way out of it is for me, nobody else, to kill the god. Oh, did I mention I'm a half-breed, and my father's a god I've never met? That might have been cool except all the other gods want to kill me, since my father broke some agreement. I only have a couple ways to stay alive and figure out some way to avoid an afterlife as an underworld warrior.

Many books have been written about mythology, but this one describes the Mayan culture. I can't say I've read many of those, if any. Zane has a unique blend of interesting characteristics, as he lives in the desert with two unusual neighbors. He's been home-schooled, has no friends, and his one short leg makes walking difficult. I found his over-the-top devotion to his dog a little hard to understand. I've loved all of my pets, but Zane wasn't willing to accept his dog's death. He was willing to risk the fate of the world to resurrect his pet. A few characters were a little shady, which added another level of mystery. The imprisoned god was predictably dishonest, and I was surprised Zane trusted him more than once. Even Brooks had a mystique, as she was reluctant to share any information about her past. There was a darkness about her that she kept hidden. The story included a good amount of humor through the characters and dialogue. Zane's uncle was a mega wrestling fan, and Zane referred to the main antagonist as Puke or Pukeface. I recommend you read The Storm Runner, and I'm looking forward to the sequel. 

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