Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Magicalamity by Kate Saunders

MagicalamityMy name is Tom, and I've just learned that my father is a fairy, wanted for murder in the Realm. I have three fairy godmothers, although Lorna is the only one who actually answered the call to help me. She says I'm a demisprite, half human and half fairy, and plans to help me rescue my parents. Her magic skills are a little rusty, but I seem to have a natural talent for flying. I've met my other godmothers, and they're not as nice as Lorna. One of them has no love for demisprites, and the other has enslaved all of her "dead" husbands. I'm trying to understand everything they're saying about my father's life as a fairy, and it's clear there's more to his murder charge than we thought. 

This book offers a bit of adventure and mystery with humor added in. I mean, Lorna is the first magical character you meet, and she's forgotten most of the easiest spells; Tom is unexpectedly forced to help her relearn how to fly. The contrast between godmothers creates interest and humor, as they reconnect after being close college friends. Two of them say they've adjusted to the mortal world without using magic, but they clearly have not. One uses it to have children steal for her own profit, and the other uses it to control all of her ex-husbands to profit from their money. It sounds bad, but it's funny; the husbands are okay in the end! The author also includes humorous descriptions, as Tom is flown through disgusting sewers and is forced to disguise himself as a female dancer. It's surprising Tom didn't display more abilities even though it's said that demisprites sometimes develop unusual powers. He could fly and that was it. Overall, this book tells an entertaining story of fairies and evil rulers, and I recommend you give it a try.

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