Monday, May 14, 2018

Last Descendants #2: Tomb of the Khan by Matthew J. Kirby

Tomb of the Khan (Assassin's Creed: Last Descendants #2)My name is David, and my sister and I were captured by the Templars. I've been enjoying the simulations in the Animus using my grandfather's DNA, but my sister says it's not a game. I know we're searching for the three Pieces of Eden, but it's been a blast experiencing combat missions with the Tuskegee Airmen. However, one night I went exploring in more secure areas of the compound and overheard a disturbing conversation. Isaiah told his men to infiltrate the Assassins and kill our friends Owen and Javier; what kind of people would murder kids! My sister, Sean, and Natalya don't believe my story, but I'm now sure these Templars can't be trusted. I think Natalya is on the fence about them, so I hope she'll come with me when I escape. I'm almost positive she's discovered the location of the second prong of the trident, and we've got to retrieve it first. 

You need to read book one first. I wasn't crazy about the Animus simulations this time, since several characters were experiencing unrelated events. It got a little muddled between those descriptions, and the multiple names for characters and their ancestors added to the confusion. It wasn't unmanageable, but it created some difficulty after a day or two of not reading. Whereas the simulations were most important in the first book, I found the "real world" problems more interesting this time. The ages-long conflict between the Assassins and the Templars continued, with Monroe's status unclear in the beginning. He reappeared to change the dynamics, but there was a new player involved who had gotten the first Piece of Eden. This person was finally revealed during the book's climax. There was some killing involved in the plot, but it wasn't as bad as the cover words "Assassin's Creed" might imply. Actually, the creed guides the Assassins' actions, and they seemed more honorable than the Templars. The book continued the question as to whether either group was totally good or totally bad. With the identity of the new player now known, I'm looking forward to reading the third book.

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